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Let's imagine for a minute that you are the owner of a business you want to grow. You have everything in place except the key element, PEOPLE. What are some of the things you would look for when interviewing candidates who want to join your team? Think about are the owner, and the success of the person you hire will either improve or decrease your profits. If it were me, I would want someone who understands the purpose and mission of my company. I would want them to be positive and engaged in work that leads to success. I would look for someone who is a self-starter who can work under pressure, lead through challenges, and stay engaged in their duties. Each of us is working to keep our jobs daily. If the business fails, so does our employment. When someone hires you, you have a duty to support the mission of your employer's goals and improve your skills to add more value to your daily workload. Learning should never end!

Your local fire department could offer you skills to improve your career and add bills to your bank account. You may think the fire department is all about responding to calls, but it is so much more. Once you are trained as a firefighter, you work with a team of people from all walks of life. Fire stations across the State are filled with a variety of people working in all types of occupations. Each of them adds value and connects you to a network of people with the same purpose. Once you have some experience, you will find yourself managing stress, leading groups, and completing tasks in conditions unlike any other you have seen. You can get involved in programs such as special teams, fire education, investigations, and more. You could even train to become a fire officer and help manage your fire department. There are many skills learned and benefits gained from joining your local response team. On top of that, it may bring additional income and pension benefits to you.

No matter your age, we can always learn. Like other successful businesses, we need good people to help serve their community. Once you add your community role to your resume, employers will see you are more than just another candidate in a pile. You took time to offer yourself for the betterment of others. That gains a lot of respect and credibility BEFORE you even get to the interview process. Consider joining our team to better your abilities. JOIN OUR TEAM.

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